Many of ephblog’s finest minds applied themselves to the question of ‘Exceptional Kids’ and the make-up of the Williams student body including David Kane. PTC, hwc, rory, larry george, ronit, current eph, and parent ‘12. 

The discussions, lists, percentages, charges, counter charges and complete denials went on for eighty- plus comments. Obviously a subject of interest!

And so I turn to this creme of commentary to help me with an answer to my query.

Years ago when I was on campus many dogs were in evidence at classes and athletic events. Many were named ‘Nads’ as in “Go N….”.

Without regard to cats who seem to thrive regardless of educational experience, what percentage of Williams students/customers are canine? And what is that trend?

I recognize that ‘canines’ is non-descriptive of the many ethnic variety catagories of dogs available for statistical measurement: German shephards, Black labs, Chihuahuas, Shiatsus, Old English sheep dogs (probably the bulk of legacies), French poodles (standard through toy and miniature) and, of particular interest today, the Alaskan husky.

Certainly with this august group of numerators and denominators, my questions are readily subject to analysis, but probably need to be multiplied by seven.

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