There’s not much to mention in the way of more Juicy Campus news, except for the Record article that came out today on it (and will be posted online later this week).

However, I wonder about the wisdom of publicizing it at all. In regards to the Record article (which probably caused the Dean to jump out ahead), there is no question that the item was newsworthy. However, I raise the question on whether or not the Record could have waited until the Juicy Campus event was more finalized. Why publish now and potentially exacerbate the problem? Is there something to be said for college and campus citizenship?

The Dean’s e-mail is a different question, but I wonder about an unintended effect it might have. Now that Dean Merrill has publicly (and legitimately) condemned the site, does posting on Juicy Campus now become a way of getting at the administration? Does it now become an act of defiance for other administrative positions, as opposed to defying the will of the general student body? I doubt anyone is surprised by the administration’s position, but I wonder if the Dean’s words will embolden some students more then they will deter others and provide resources to those who’ve been targeted.

As a side note, the Record and Dean’s office have been extremely helpful throughout this election season and my work in Voter Registration/Absentee Balloting, and I am NOT trying to condemn their actions. The Record has an obligation to report the news (thank goodness the administration isn’t acting like the folks at Quinnipiac), and the Dean’s office certainly has an interest in this site and its harmful effect on the student body (especially in regards to confidential information, like the Honor Committee and Sexual Orientation). I do think, however, that discussion is worthwhile.

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