NOTE: Constant readers will notice that this post has reappeared at the top of the page. this is because the need for input is important to ephblog in helping build, as Ken Thomas posits (below) a sense of community. Also because, as dcat posits (below), I may have glossed over his objection to anonymity in a desire for continuing participation from some very active writers.

At any rate, this post will be top-o-the-charts every two days or so for the next two weeks in order for all readers to have a chance to sound off before the post slips into the obscurity of page five.

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who had an in-depth back-and-forth under ‘Gilbert and George’ about ephblog. It was very enlightening to read the different points of view from alums, parents, and Williams enthusiasts about what they were getting out of being active participants in this successful venture run so well by Dave Kane.

Sophmom and I came on-line to ephblog about a year ago. I didn’t know what to expect either.

Here’s what I got out of the discussion:

•  ephblog is a place for everyone with an interest in Williams to  read, to comment, and to post, if they desire.

•  that anonymous posting and commenting is recognized as necessary for some participants and that this anonymity does not take away from the value of their observations.

•  that a tone of cordiality and collegiality is desired in discussions, even when a polarity of opinion exists.

Ken Thomas and Will Slack added  intriguing background on blogs and blog usage in general that open up possible areas for consideration. To me the crux was between seeing ephblog as a collection of people with various interests attracted to a site by a common Williams interest v a blog that has a specific cause that attracts people and results in a sense of community.

And very specifically, the positive action-oriented response and suggestions to ‘Guest Posting’ and the need for support of student involvement by so many readers causes me to ask these questions.

1. What are your expectations of ephblog, what do you hope to gain from it?

2. Are your expectations being met?

3. What specific areas of concern or interest do you think need better representation?

I’ll compile the answers and report back. If anyone would rather not answer the questions on-line, my email is

Please let me hear from you.

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