The sports page reports  that the final four football games will be available on the Internet or on television.

The Tufts game on the 18th (home) will be available at 1:30 on the Internet through the Tufts website.

The Hamilton game on the 25th (away) will be available at on the Internet through Hamilton here. This is an end zone camera.

The Wesleyan game on the 1st (home) will be available on the Internet here at 1 PM.

The Amherst game on the 8th (away) will be available on NESN on the 8th at noon, but probably will not be videocast on the Internet.

Parents, Alums and Friends of Williams: Groups from the Alumni Society (usually in conjunction with Amherst alumni) arrange to have the Williams-Amherst game broadcast at venues in various cities. You will be welcomed, and it is a fun time. If you don’t see information on the Williams website, contact the Alumni/Development Department to see if there’s a broadcast near you.

And remember that all the games will be covered on WCFM, the Williams student radio, available on the Internet through

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