The Principal Search Committee at Phillips Exeter Academy has narrowed their choices down to finalists, and Nancy Roseman, Dean at Williams, is one of them.

Unfortunately, the school paper is not online, so I have not read the article announcing this, nor can I link to it for you. However, I have recently been asked by students and teachers at Exeter: Do you think Nancy Roseman would make a good principal for our school? I have no idea, since I had only one (negative) interaction with her. Those of you who know more about her, what do you think?

To aid you in your evaluative metric, note that students at Exeter want a principal who will be visible around campus and who will try to get to know them (1,000 students). The most important job of the principal for the school is traveling around and shmoozing with alums to raise money. Exeter’s 13th principal has done a great job of this, and now Exeter is free for families making under $75,000. How do you think Nancy Roseman would be at this job?

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