Professor Joy James came to Williams two years ago, perhaps the highest visibility faculty hire of the decade, the first tenured Ivy League professor to be lured to Williams in many years. Question: What is her current status?

Her main Williams web page is still up, but so is her page at Brown, where she hasn’t worked for several years. She joined Williams as the Chair of the Africana Studies Department, but Professor Kenda Mutongi now holds that position. She is no longer listed among the faculty in Africana Studies. This might be a simple oversight, but she isn’t listed in the course catalog either. The Political Science department webpage lists her as “On Leave 2008-2009,” but professors on leave are usually listed in the catalog. For example, Professor Shanks is on leave for the whole year from Political Science. (That is what the single * besides her name in the catalog means.) The catalog under Political Science has “Adjunct Professor: JAMES,” which, I think, refers to Joy James, but tenured professors are, I think, rarely listed solely as adjuncts. The phrase “Adjunct Professor” appears only twice in the course catalog.

Does Professor James still hold a tenured position at Williams? If so, why isn’t she listed by African Studies in the course catalog or at their web page?

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