Interesting panel today.

Latin American Immigration Panel Free and Open to the Public
Griffin 3, 5:30 p.m.
Panelists include Prof. Maria Elena Cepeda, Marcela Villada-Peacock (MCC), Luis Rivera (Facilities), Juan Baena ‘07 (Alumni Relations), and Silvia Mantilla ‘09.

Tough to tell from the title, but is this a panel about the experience of various folks immigrating from Latin America or about what US immigration policy toward Latin America should be? Perhaps a reader will provide an update. If it is about policy, then I am sure that the range of views presented will be just as broad as what we saw with the panel on Jena Six last year.

The best way to help poor people in the US find a well-paying job is to prevent millions of foreign poor people from coming/staying in the country and competing with them. Demand curves slope downward, even for laborers. For me, the best aspect of the forthcoming Obama victory is that it makes passage of comprehensive immigration reform (read: amnesty) less likely.

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