Now that 7-11 has gotten in on the electoral prediction game, I suggest that the time has come for EphBlog to jump on the bandwagon, because, hey, no matter how much you people hate Eph Pundit, it’s better than ungrounded rants about Bolin fellowships, no? We did this four years ago on WSO, and, though I hesitate to blow my own trumpet, I was closest to the eventual result (I think I predicted 284 votes for Bush, when most posters were giving Kerry 300+). That garnered me a Spring Fling bracelet as a prize.

This time, sadly, I have no Spring Fling bracelets to give out, but the winner will receive an etched Williams College beer stein shipped from Goff Sports. The winner of the contest will be determined as the commenter whose prediction for the winning candidate’s electoral tally comes closest to the actual result. If there is a tie, the tie will be broken by whoever came closer in their estimate for the winner’s share of the popular vote.

Go here to simulate the electoral college results.

I’ll start. Here are my predictions:

Electoral College: Obama 286, McCain 252
Popular Vote: Obama 48.5%, McCain 46%

Here’s the map as I see it:

Make sure you use a working email address when you comment, and only 1 submission per person, please.

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