Morty’s favorite Republican spoke tonight in Brooks-Rogers.

It was a well written speech detailing the nature of the sexism that’s often thrown around as a talking point. Swift spoke on her own personal experience, as well as the different nature of media coverage, both in terms of being a woman and in terms of being a mother. One of the best anecdotes involved a major speech she gave on education, which was covered with stories about if she had worn the same suit two days in a row.

She also spoke on Sarah Palin, and the unfortunate decisions woman face in politics, such as hiring a wardrobe consultant, and buying Gubernatorial suits for use while pregnant. She proved her point fairly conclusively, that women face special challenges, especially in some older voters. It was a very good talk, though I may be biased from taking her Winter Study last year.

She does not plan on challenging Deval Patrick. In addition, she will be teaching a Winter Study course on the Presidential Transition and a Spring Semester course on leadership.

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