Feel compelled to howl your political opinions out into the intervoid? This is the thread for you! The Eph-related campaigns to keep an eye on include Chris Murphy ’96 for Congress in Connecticut and Mark Udall ’72 for Senate in Colorado. Are there any others?

Also, who are the Ephs most likely to be named to powerful positions in an Obama administration? Perhaps Obama will remember his high school classmate Bennett Yort ’83.

When Bennett A. Yort graduated from Hawaii’s Punahou School in 1979, he says, he had little inkling the quiet, skinny classmate friends called Barry could one day make history.

“Barry was just one of the boys,” Mr. Yort, a financial planner at Merrill Lynch of Augusta, said about Barack Obama.. “A very regular guy.”

Earlier this week, sitting in his living room and thumbing through his 1979 yearbook, Mr. Yort recalled 30 years ago when the two were schoolmates.

Mr. Yort, 47, said he couldn’t describe his and Mr. Obama’s friendship as close, but they did share classes and were “cordial.”

I am not sure that “cordial” will get Yort a spot in the Executive Office Building.

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