Hello all,

In the interests of providing assistance to TECH, I am posting a list of current problems and suggestions. Please be patient as the ‘wizards behind the curtain’ work their magic. 

Also forgive my lack of ‘tech lingo’. I realize there must be a term other than “doohickey” to describe a tool, so feel free to correct me if it clarifies an issue for TECH.

*Current Problems:

1. Posting wasn’t possible (for a short while yesterday), for at least a couple of us with a Mac/Safari setup.

2. Comment sequence is inconsistent. For example, in the “Tough Times…” thread, the comments mostly run top to bottom, but PTC’s latest comment came in at the top.

3. If you click directly on “Comments” at the foot of the post, you don’t get the entire thread, and there is no ‘page continuation’ available to do so. (And I believe they are coming up reversed, as well)

4. Clicking on a specific “Recent Comment” does not take you directly to that comment.

*Most Recent Suggestions:

1. At least three queries that comment sequence be from top to bottom, but speak up now if you feel otherwise.

2. If comments do end up in a top to bottom sequence, then the ability to click on “pages [1], 2, 3”, should be at the bottom.

3. Comments need to be numbered and dated.

4. Some sort of master list for “Recent Comments”, or at least, a longer one. (note: this has been an issue which TECH has been aware of for a while…perhaps since the last site changes were made?)

5.  Guy suggested something other than a “puke green” background (although note that I am currently seeing an all white background)

More comments and suggestions, please!

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