Today, Eph fans are treated to two high-stakes encores to yesterday’s thrilling football victory, the Ephs’ fourth straight over the Lord Jeffs.

First, women’s soccer hosts the Lord Jeffs in their quest to become the first ever NESCAC women’s squad to win two straight conference championships.  They also seek a bit of revenge: earlier this fall, the Jeffs handed Williams its only regular season non-win in the last two years.  After the game, one Jeff (foolishly?) provided the number one team in the nation with some bulletin board material:

“We exposed all of Williams’ weaknesses, won all of our challenges, out-hustled every one of their players, and overall, we are a better and more skilled team,” said Hirsch. “Williams had no idea that we were ready to battle. Everyone on our team was on the same page.  We will NOT lose to Williams, and we will do whatever it takes to get us there.”

Second, women’s volleyball hopes to follow yesterday’s upset of top seed Tufts with an upset of Amherst, who twice handled Williams with ease early in the fall.

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