Williams hosts the NCAA CROSS-COUNTRY Regionals at its Mt. Greylock High School course on Sat., beginning at 11 AM. 

This is a huge undertaking, joyfully pursued. It should be a fun spectator event, with the fans scrambling from vantage point to vantage point. There are two flights: the men’s 8,000 at 11 and the women’s 6,000 at noon.


VOLLEYBALL begins the NCAA Tournament on the 13th at 1 PM at Tufts against Keene State.

If any of you are in the Boston area and can get to that game, your presence could contribute to the outcome. Watching online as the NESCAC championship upset game was held in that same venue, I could hear the Williams fans drumming up energy as they waved their golden signs. The announcers repeatedly referred to the strong presence of the Williams fans.

If you can’t be there, you should be able to watch the game online through Jumbocast. Look for the link through the Tufts website if you don’t see it on the Williams website. The announcers know the game (and are especially familiar with the NESCAC teams) and do a good job. Even if you don’t follow volleyball or if you find the frequent rule changes confusing, you’ll be able to follow the contest with those guys.



Also competing in NCAAs will be the WOMEN’S SOCCER team.

I don’t have details about that yet. Williams has the automatic NESCAC slot. I’m expecting Amherst to get the other slot – their play in the last two outings against Williams merits it.

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