I know there’s a tech thread, but I thought it would be helpful to consolidate tech questions and answers about pictures in a separate thread. I’ve been thinking about it because of the trouble I had with the medal pictures yesterday.

Here are my questions:

1) When we switch to a new blogging program, will the link to flickr that displays photographs tagged ¬†“williamscollege” still work? If not, can we set up a similar system for automatically displaying pictures from the pool on a sidebar or in the banner area?

2) I opened up the pool and noticed that there are lots of photographs that are rarely, if ever, posted, while others seem to loop around with frequency. The newest postings tend to be displayed the most often, which makes sense, but the display rate among the older ones is quite inconsistent. Does anyone understand how the application works and how to make it work better? Or should we try something else?

3) Would it work better, or be better for some reason, if EphBlog had its own flickr pro account (unlimited picture storage for $25/year – but I’m not sure people would upload their pictures to it so that extra step might doom it)?

4) Is there a primer on posting photographs within EphBlog threads for a very non-techy person like me (preferably mac/Safari/iPhoto sensitive instructions)? No use answering that if the primer won’t work with the new blogging program we are going to start using; I’d rather wait and get answers that wokr with the new program. Does the picture have to be at the start of a thread or is there a way to slice in a photo by placing it in a comment instead of a main thread opening post? How do I control size? And how can I vary text size so that I can put in an appropriately-sized caption? How do I place the photo “below the fold” on a thread posting?

[And, although it is not particularly relevant to pictures except as it applies to captions,  would someone please tell me how to block quote?]

If others have questions about photographs and this blog, I hope they will add them here.

Thanks in advance to my rescuers.

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