I think that the faculty is deciding the fate of Williams in New York right now. Predictions? (I have no idea.) Perhaps a faculty reader will let us know what happened. Tough for supporters to rally the troops on a day when the stock market is testing the October lows. I hope that WNY gets saved, but only under the condition that it starts to be run more sensibly and cheaply, starting by having only one professor in residence at a time but with the responsibility of running all the course work herself. Prior commentary here.

UPDATE: WNY lives! An anonymous faculty resource reports that the vote was 77 to 44. I think that there may also been a directive to “reimagine” the program, but the details are hazy. Will Slack ’11 was at the meeting, so perhaps he will post a blow-by-blow. Kudos to all the supporters of WNY for a fight well fought.

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