Here’s a shot of the hard-working crew at ephblog as they prepare the new format for the tendentious tagblat.

In the center is Dave ‘Citizen’ Kane flanked by Ronit ‘The printer’s devil’ B., Larry ‘Father knows Lloyd’ George, Ken ‘Doubting’ Thomas, Rory ‘The K’, Joe ‘Santa’ Cruz, Eric ‘The Half-a-Bee’ Smith, Lowell ‘Thomas’ J, and Derek ‘The cats meow’.

And, conducting from the piano, Daniel ‘Etudes for Interns’ Sou!

(Thanks to Ronit for this imperative addition to the team effort. see comment #3)

Off screen is Sophmom writing a scathing editorial about PC while preparing a batch of her world-famous Tufts Peanut Butter cookies. Also not seen, but too often heard, and taking the picture is ‘Dick – ‘Nuff Said’ S.

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