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Vintage Chapin Hall

Postcard of Chapin Hall, circa 1910

This is a postcard of Chapin Hall, dating back to about 1915. Constructed in 1911-12 and named in honor of Grace Chapin, the wife of Alfred Chapin of the Class of 1869, the building was originally called “Grace Hall.”  

Until I saw this photograph, I missed out on a lot of the ways this building shares features and motifs with both Stetson and the Williams/Sage pair (I seem to remember that Chapin was constructed first among that “neighborhood” group). 

I am experimenting with posting pictures (thanks to help from Ronit, Diana, and others), so please bear with me. My goal is to pull up from time to time and post some of the photographs from the “williamscollege” flickr pool that rarely come up on the EphBlog sidebar.

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#1 Comment By Ronit On November 14, 2008 @ 4:01 pm

Alfred C. Chapin was apparently the mayor of Brooklyn (yay Brooklyn!) and a one-term Congressman. Not quite as illustrious a figure as Herb Lehman and Russell Sage, who have their namesakes nearby, though Chapin got by far the best building of the lot (technically, Sage Hall is, like Chapin, named after Mrs. Sage, who inherited the Sage fortune).

#2 Comment By lgeorge On November 14, 2008 @ 4:25 pm

Thank you for the history, Ronit. I particularly enjoyed rereading your very fine piece on Herbert Lehman and the fall of Lehman Brothers, which you linked.

In the small world department, it appears that the Chapins’ daughter married into the Hamilton Fish family, thereby bringing another powerful New York family into this tale.