And Williams is going to the Elite 8 in Illinois next week. Wellesley played an outstanding game and almost took them.

The mantra of the game was, as the announcers kept saying, “No one’s going down easily in this one.” The lead went back and forth all game, and the recoveries were quite admirable.

The team with the NCAA New England Regional Championship trophy

[And a big shout out to another Eph team tonight: congratulations to men’s basketball and Coach Maker for winning their first game. Nice way to welcome your coach, guys. May this be the start of a long and productive run.]


The volleyball NCAA New England regional championship game is on Jumbocast right now.

(in reverse order)

The fourth set went to Williams.

Williams came out firing in the third set, taking it to 7-1. Then they slipped, and it was a back and forth slog that Williams ultimately took, 25-23. Anderson is affected by the injury, but still fighting.

Wellesly took the second set, 25-17. Williams standout Kate Anderson was hurt in the first set, missed part of the second, and then played hurt. Wellesley found a weakness in the Williams service return and worked it hard in the beginning of the set, wearing Williams down. This was a tough one with a lot of mistakes by Williams, and Wellesley is following the pattern that has twice before brought success in this tournament. I think having to use up both of her time outs early in the set greatly hindered Fran from being able to do her usual great job of steadying the team.

Williams took the first set, 27-25, after a remarkable rally by the Blue. Williams has admirable poise. Wellesley has astonishing perseverance. Each has found and has been picking away at the other’s weaknesses. 

The Tufts anouncers/commentators are doing a great job. They really understand the game.

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