Tired of the never-ending parries and thrusts in posts like the two below? Fed up with arbitrary positions taken to provoke your rage and ire? Had it with so much ‘conduct unbecoming …’ that maybe that third choice of the University of Minnesota doesn’t look so bad?

Well, there is an answer and it comes from Dave himself:

As always, my answer to this real dilemma is that we need more authors posting more posts on other topics. 

We are starting to have some presence of what many of us thought Williams was all about thanks to Larry, Ken, Ronit, Sophmom, Jonathan ’05,  jeffz, Parent ’12! A variety of topics with a span of interests. Stuff doesn’t have to be saccharine to have an air of sociability and a desire for collegial participation and exchange.


If you would like to expose yourself to the ephblog readership (there may have been a better way to say that) and don’t want to go through the author drill, just email me! I will see it is posted with you identified as whom you will … Rechtal Turgidley, Jr to Fedup ’98. That email address is dick@swart.org.

No, Broadband, this invitation does not include you.

(Apologies to Stephen Colbert)


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