Meet the new boss, Eph like the old Boss.

Hal Steinbrenner [’91], the younger and more reserved of the Steinbrenner sons, was given control of the Yankees on Thursday in a unanimous vote by Major League Baseball owners. George Steinbrenner [’52], the Yankees’ principal owner, asked Commissioner Bud Selig to pursue the change last month.

Hal Steinbrenner, responsible for the business and financial side of the Yankees, was handed control of the team Thursday.

While Hank Steinbrenner, George’s older son, has been much more talkative about the Yankees in his frequent interviews, Hal has been more involved in the daily operations of the team. It is Hal, not Hank, who deals with team executives and spends considerable time in the Yankees’ offices in New York.

“I realize it’s a great responsibility,” Hal Steinbrenner said. “My dad is, needless to say, a tough act to follow. But I’m going to do it to the best of my ability and give it my all every day.”

Good luck to Hal.

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