In such heavy snowfall that broadcaster Will Slack was having trouble seeing some of the last plays, the Eph women’s soccer team has won the Sweet 16. 

Everything is up in the air. The weather is so bad that the other sectional semi may not be playable today.

But congratulations to the Ephs and the Lions for great play under worsening conditions. Hats off to Will for bringing it to the fans at home, and to the soccer fans (including a dedicated group of parents) for a great show of support at Cole Field.

LATEST UPDATE: The Ephs will face the Ithaca Bombers, winners of this afternoon’s frigid skating match on an icy Cole Field, tomorrow in the NCAA sectional final/Elite 8 round.

The Amherst women, too, will play  tomorrow. Having defeated Otterbein 1-0 today, they face William Smith in the Elite 8. Time will tell…. 

UPDATE: The broadcast has just come back on, with the other semi (Ithaca Bombers  vs. Lynchburg Hornets) going forward in snowy, 20-degree Williamstown. If they can finish it, the winner of this one is scheduled to meet Williams tomorrow (time uncertain — I’ve heard two things, which may have to do with the weather) on Cole Field for the sectional finals. Will is reporting that the field is well-dusted but the snowfall has abated; conditions remain extremely slippery, as well as cold.








photos by Kris Dufour, copyright Williams College


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