Adam Cole ’03 calls readers’ attention (particularly those who were comparing the building to the hirsute preferences of Donald Trump) to this article in the WSJ yesterday:


“Surprisingly listed as a success in the Wall Street Journal.

“Timelessness does not necessarily mean glancing backward. At Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., Boston-based William Rawn Associates was commissioned to design a new center for theater and dance. While the architects of putative icons concentrate on exterior effects, Rawn was more circumspect. “We usually tell our clients that they can chose three or four special things to spend extra money on,” he says. Following consultations with the college, these “special things” turned out to be the main performance space, a dramatic glass-enclosed dance studio, and a striking wood-lined lobby facing the town’s main street. These highlights take their place in a nuanced composition of glass, brick, limestone and wood that feels vaguely Scandinavian. While iconic buildings stand apart, the Williams theater and dance center is visually connected to its surroundings, contributing to a broader sense of place.”

Adam Cole ’03

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