Dan Drezner ’90 is bullish on Treasury Secretary designate Tim Geithner.

If Tim Geithner weren’t so nice, he would probably be insufferable right now. For a few weeks, Geithner was my boss when I worked at Treasury. Even after he left, I never heard a single Treasury employee say a bad thing about him. This befits his reputation as someone who was exceptionally smart (like Larry Summers) and someone who was surprisingly affable (not like Larry Summers at all).

This is a good thing too, because one could forgive Geithner right now if his head swelled just a little bit. The Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up five hundred points on Friday as word of his appointment leaked. The Dow jumped close to another four hundred points yesterday after Obama officially introduced him. One has to wonder if, sometime this week, when Geithner’s wife asks him to do the dishes, he will be tempted to respond, “Have you caused the Dow to jump by more than ten percent? I didn’t think so!”

Have any Ephs been nominated by Obama? Are any likely to be?

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