This weekend featured a merciful end to a very, very long season for Dave Clawson ’89.  With Phillip Fulmer’s firing, Clawson’s one season as offensive coordinator at Tennessee comes to an end.  Clawson inherited a very, very anemic offense which, unfortunately, he was unable to help improve.  Sounds like the players never really grasped his complex schemes.  Who ultimately shoulders the blame — Fulmer for his intereference, Clawson for his inability to get his players to understand the offense, the players themselves for simply being ill-suited or without the necessary talent to make Clawson’s offense work, lack of sufficient time for the new system to take hold — will determine where Clawson lands.  After a meteoric rise in the coaching profession, this definitely represents a step back, but football coaching is the land of second chances (indeed, the new UT head coach just finished a disastrous season as head coach of the Oakland Raiders), and Clawson’s incredible record as a head coach will surely enable him to land on his feet, albeit in a less prominent role / institution.

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