If you have an extra holiday card or two, please consider sending one to our fellow deployed Alums. It only takes a regular 42 cent stamp.

Evan Bick ’06 – Army

1LT Evan Bick
B Co 1-18 INF
APO AE 09344

Bunge Cook ’98 – Marines

Major W. C. Cook
MTT 0712 DET B
Unit 42747
FPO AP 96426-2747

Felipe Perez ‘99 – Army

Felipe Perez
PRT Parwan & Kapisa
APO AE 09354

Dick Pregent ’76 – Army

Col. Richard Pregent
U.S. Embassy
Annex N110 (ROL)
Baghdad , Iraq
APO AE 09316

David Rackovan ’04 – Army

David Rackovan
AOB Unit #777
Camp Basrah/Harper
APO AE 09375

Happy Holidays!

Thank you,

Stewart Menking ’79
Williams College Adopt An Eph Program

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