I can not number the times my old roommate has stepped in when I have reached the end of my tether!

This letter arrived today and has been posted with a stamp of St Ursala and was written in Rechtal’s unmistakable handwriting and distinctive Parker Quink Blue.

Swart (he begins),

It has been almost six months since my last intervention on your behalf. 

Alas, you are back to your old habits of over-participation and over-expectation. As your court-appointed conservator, I feel I must once more remove you from this blog. 

You are deep in the throes of believing the blog is real, the participants are real, and the subject matter and the comments that follow are real. 

While my observations do not hold true for all blog participants (and I am sure that you have singled out individuals for private correspondence), they are true enough for me to be sending you the enclosed tickets and reservations. I will meet you at the BVI Philatelic Bureau at Sir Olva George’s Plaza at noon 6 December where I am the guest speaker on the importance of the BVI Christmas issue on the Life of St. Ursula, patron saint of the BVI. The stamps feature large portions of paintings by the Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio (1472-1526). The cycle, completed between 1490 and 1496 for the Confraternity of St. Ursula in Venice is considered Carpaccio’s finest work.

This, my dear old friend, is reality!


Rechtal Turgidley, Jr.

Quark Island, Maine

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