Ariel Ramchandani ’07 (who, by the way, was the author of this excellent Economist series on art in the Berkshires) writes about the Sol Lewitt retrospective at Mass MoCA:


The scale of these drawings–and the amount on view–is impressive, overwhelming and beautiful. All of the shapes and patterns made me feel like I had entered a giant three-storey kaliedoscope made on a computer, full of optical illusions and riotous colour.

The show is good for children, people who like carnivals, graphics, large things, geometry, primary colours and feeling cool. The show is bad for those with eye problems, colour blindness, aversions to warehouses, cold weather and small towns. Oh, and headaches. I got one, but I kind of liked it.

Even if you can’t make it out to North Adams anytime soon, go visit the Mass MoCA website on Lewitt, because it’s just fantastic.

UPDATE: Here’s an NYT article and beautifully-done slideshow on the exhibit (thanks, Jeff!)

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