In case you didn’t notice, there was some recent discussion on how, and where, a ‘non-author’ can easily post a comment that may not readily fit within a currently running thread. It might be anything from a bit of campus news, a suggestion for a post, a question from a prospective student, an essay or anecdote from an alum, even a comment for a thread that can’t be found.

Well, now you can speak up, on “Speak Up!”. If you look to the top left corner, you will see this new category highlighted under “Of Interest”. Submit your comment and it will then come to the attention of all EB readers and authors. At that point, depending on what it is, an author may choose to highlight it as a topic, or let it run it’s course there. 

Think of it as our very own EphBlog bulletin board. From time to time, the comments will be deleted or categorized, to make way for current news. At this point, you can see this very idea hatched within the comments now there. I will leave them up for a short while, and then delete them to make way for your posts.

Henry, here is where you, and anyone else, can post an anecdote or essay that might be unrelated to a current discussion. You can invite your friend Chien Ho to drop in at any time. Parent’12, in this way you can post your terrific ideas without having to depend on an author. This isn’t to say that any author won’t be happy to collaborate with you on a topic, but it does give you a quick and easy way to ‘author’ on your own should you so desire.

In any case, “Speak Up!” is there for your convenience and we welcome your contribution.

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