Who can open a live news feed and freestyle rap for 10 minutes or more on whatever comes up? Comedic genius Seth Brown ’01 of risingpun.com, that’s who. To listen to or subscribe to his immaculate flow of current events, check out http://risingpun.podomatic.com/ Seriously, it’s amazingly good, and since it comes out near the end of each week you can make it part of your Friday “drive at five.”
I know Seth from a bunch of stuff at college. Even though we did not overlap, he is one of the Odd Quad’s more famous “crusty“s and I saw him a bunch at contradances and then, when we became friends, I’d invite him over or join him for board and other games. I’ve never met anyone with a quicker wit with words.  At Williams, he wrote and read the football game halftime shows (still does Homecoming’s show every year) and left a legacy of wit in the Mad Cow and much other informal work.

He even helped run a board game group that I joined during my last summer there, helping them play test surprisingly good board games they were developing.  He and I share the hobby of collecting and playing the better ones . . . if you’re into it too, leave a comment here and we’ll help hook you up.  And if you’re looking for an awesome holiday gift for a special cerebral undergrad, there’s nothing better than a nice, well crafted board game.  There’s certainly nothing I want more.

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