Thanks to Nuts for the link to this segment from yesterday morning. Liked the part (around 2:00) when Burnett points out (correctly) that “wind, solar, all these technologies, don’t make sense right now” with gas/oil prices so cheap. Nuts notes:

Erin report to Joe and Mika that auto bridge loan requirements are likely to strip GM common stock of all value.

Cerebrus investors seems to be getting the best end of this government intervention, after a debate that is sadly misinformed with regard to worker compensation and managements’ culpability for the companies financial viability. Foreign transplants are facing the same sales and revenue problems.

The Federal government is favoring the interests of rich, politically connected folks like my three-headed-dog friends? Shocked, I am not.

Burnett ends with “Nobody knows the answer. But I don’t want government telling me the answer. That’s all I can say.”

An Eph after my own heart.

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