The New York Times reports:

A FEW weeks ago, the youngest of the 20,953 students at the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut went shopping for a calculator. Colin Carlson, who lives in nearby Coventry, took his mother along, as she had the driver’s license and the money. He also took a reputation well beyond his 12 years.

Another male student spotted him and said, “Hey, Colin, I hear you’re a babe magnet.” The boy smiled. But with a full course load and the usual schedule of public appearances ahead of him, he had yet to make finding a girlfriend a priority.

All of this convinced Colin that he was ready for college. In his application letter, he wrote: “My ‘issue’ is this. I am currently 11 and will be 12 by the time I matriculate. Please don’t be alarmed by this — I am actually a very mature person.”

Most deans of admissions, however, seemed wary of taking on the legal responsibility for an under-age student. Williams College wrote back: “What’s the rush?”

Well played, Dick Nesbitt. Well played.

Good luck to all our readers working on their own Williams applications.

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