A nice story from Andrew Wang ’08.

I just thought I’d clue you in on a random alumni encounter I had about a month ago. I’ve been studying Chinese in Taiwan for the past three months, and as anybody who’s been to Taipei can tell you, convenience stores are ubiquitous. One night, I was sitting down in a 7-11 scarfing down a quick dinner before I was to meet up with friends, and a thirty-something Asian man tapped me on the shoulder and asked in perfect English, “Excuse me, but did you go to Williams?” (I just so happened to be wearing my Williams sweatshirt that day). It turns out he was a Williams alum, class of 1998, and he was vacationing in Taiwan. If I recall correctly, he was working in Shanghai, and his name was Ken. Unfortunately, aside from telling him my name and the fact that I’d just recently graduated, I couldn’t really have a conversation with him, as I was already running late.

What’s the most unusual place that Williams has come up for you? My story involves Marine Corps Office Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia . . .

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