• Marc Lynch has a series of insightful posts on the geopolitics of Gaza. Go to his blog and start reading.
  • Sam Crane points out the vagueness of Samuel Huntington’s delimitation of “civilizations”.
  • The Mass MoCA blog has some pictures from what looks like a fascinating exhibit entitled Being Here is Better Than Wishing We’d Stayed, and also informs us that Philip Glass will be in North Adams Jan. 16 to talk about his work on film.

  • More impossibly cute babies.
  • Jennifer Mattern writes a heartbreaking post about spending the first Christmas after a split.
  • Juliana Stone finally feels at home at college.
  • Ariel Ramchandani interviews the head curator of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, which looks simply stunning.
  • Chad Orzel starts a helpful discussion on what makes a dissertation.
  • Hockey at Wrigley? I’m not sure how that works, but Sam Flood will be producing the broadcast, New Year’s Day on NBC Sports.
  • Congratulations to John Szawlowski, First Team All American
  • Liv Osthus gives great quote in an article about the portrayal of sex workers on reality TV:

    “It’s gross. It’s retarded,” is how Portland’s Liv Osthus, whose strip club persona is Viva Las Vegas, dismisses such fare. “I don’t like to see women brought down to the harpy level. We are not these Howard Stern, hypersexual, punch line characters,” she says. “We are really entrepreneurial, healthy, and intelligent, and do this by choice.”

    I’m most surprised by the fact that there’s at least one type of job interview where saying you went to Williams College doesn’t result in blank stares and crickets chirping:

    When Osthus got the casting people on the phone, told them she was a Williams College grad, in a rock and roll band, and — oh, yeah, a headlining stripper, the producers immediately put the couple on a plane.

  • Daniel Drezner points to this absolutely awesome smackdown laid down by Mika Brzezinski’s dad:

Happy new year, everyone.

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