What do Tyng Administrators do? The College notes:

The Stephen H. Tyng Scholarships were established in 1940 through the bequest of Mrs. Juliet Tyng in memory of her husband and son. The most distinctive financial aid awards the College offers, Tyng Scholarships are granted to a small number of especially talented and deserving candidates chosen from the incoming class by the College’s Admission Committee. Like all Williams aid, Tyng awards are need-based but they include a lower loan expectation; support for one summer of study, research, or internship; and assistance for up to three years of graduate or professional study.

The awards for graduate and professional study are administered by a committee of trustees, alumni, and students. The term for Tyng Administrator is three years. All alumni are eligible to vote each year for one of three alumni nominees. Voting begins online early each year, with a follow up paper ballot sent to those who have not voted electronically. The results of voting are announced at the Society’s Annual Meeting held during Reunion Weekend.


1) Since Williams no longer requires loans for any student, we could probably lose the “lower loan expectation” part of this explanation.

2) The College makes it very hard to find out anything about the Tyng, even for alumni that it has nominated for Tyng Administrator! So, I have gathered all out Tyng-related posts in one handy category.

3) I quizzed a current Tyng Administrator last year. Tyng Scholars are picked by the Admissions Office. It is unclear what criteria they use. If it were me, I would give almost all the awards to highly qualified African-American candidates who the College would otherwise lose to Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford. The only role for the Administrators is to serve on a board that approves funding requests for graduate study (and undergraduate summer study, I think). For the most part, almost all requests are approved.

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