Brandi Brown ’07, who blogs at the House of Procrastination (which should totally be a name for one of the Williams housing clusters/neighborhoods/whatever they’re calling them – I nominate the Odd Quad), writes up a summary of the year 2008, and starts with a look at Williams College’s accomplishments:

Higher Education

2008 was the year that Williams “Onward to #2” College, as I predicted, fell from #1 on the US News rankings to tied-for-#1. It was not a good year for Williams in other rankings either. But it wasn’t just trivial rankings that hurt Williams. The College’s brilliant plan to make me feel duped for having $50k in student loan debt (that is no exaggeration and it will probably go higher with interest) by no longer requiring students to take out loans coupled with the horrible economy, fucked them over financially. By the way, Williams, I lost my job and still have crushing debt payable to you, so I’m not giving to your fucking Alumni Fund, stop asking me. Or better yet, how about you give to this alumna’s fund? Sorry, Blake got my only charitable gift of the year.

There’s more, and it’s all brilliant. Go read the whole thing.

Speaking of important moments in 2008 and/or Williams History, the House of Procrastination also points us to the best thing ever written on WSO:

o my frneds nd i stole poporm frm our neighboring suite. turns out. it was 100 calriore popcornig. also. it was sweet. like what the fuck.

this was in no wasy satidactying when we needed it to be satidaying.

popcorn should e salthy, rahter than sweet. i would like t say DWON WITH orville recednechbatcher.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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