An excellent idea.

The Gargoyle Society would like to invite you to the first “Gargoyle Conversations” event. Its aim is to inspire informal discussion of controversial, yet important issues here at Williams as well as the world beyond the purple valley. The event will be conducted in small groups and will take place this Thursday, January 15 in the log. The topic of discussion is the situation in Gaza, more specifically whether or not Israel’s military campaign is legitimate. Each individual conversation group will be capped at about 10, though several might take place simultaneously depending upon student interest. Light food and beverage will be served. The conversation should last about an hour and will begin at 8:00.
Please email Mike Tcheyan (10mst) if attending.

Kudos to whoever is behind this effort. I would recommend that the organizers suggest so (short) background readings so that participants start with some common ground. How about Ephs Professor Sam Crane, Dan Drezner ’90 and Tom Friedman?

It would be fun to involve alumni is such an event. If only we had a blog or something on which dispersed members of the Williams community could discuss important topics . . .

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