Special thanks to regular commentator ‘Nuts’ for the latest from Mika Brezinski ’89:
(In ‘Nuts’ words)

Mika Brzezinski hosted a discussion on Morning Joe this week with Queen Noor and Richard Haass, Council of Foreign Relations about US policy with regard to the Israeli war on Gaza.

Queen Noor argued,

“There needs to be a new approach by the US that is more balanced that holds both sides accountable for their actions.”

Glenn Greenwald commented on the segment in his post “A real discussion on TV regarding U.S. policy towards Israel,”

The commentary from Jordan’s Queen Noor, in particular, is extremely insightful and articulate, virtually never heard (as the participants note) on American television, and underscores how unbalanced and incomplete is the debate most Americans hear concerning this issue of vital importance to American intersts (i.e.: virtually unquestioning American support for Israeli actions).

Watch the clips. Discuss among yourselves.


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