Thank you to ‘Anonymous’ for letting us know about the fun, on-the-scene coverage of the Inaugural festivities by Kim Fassler ’06.

Here’s a teaser below, but be sure and click on to the site. Fassler’s enjoyment is contagious and she has a lot of terrific photos. Great entertainment: Sheryl Crowe,, Garth Brooks, Bono, Beyonce…I truly wish I was there (with my fur-lined boots)!

Today was also something of a test-run for Tuesday. After standing outside for four or five hours today, I think I have some idea of how I’m supposed to dress to stay warm. Heading back to my apartment after the “We Are One” concert, my feet felt like blocks of ice. But it was the first time I had seen everyone in the city turn out at once. The sight of those thousands and thousands of people packed into the Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument took my breath away.

Happy Birthday Dr. King! Considering the day, this historic occasion is especially poignant.

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