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The Last Professor …


Even in the excitement of these past few days and the anticipation of tomorrow, I can’t help but asking for comment from ephblog readers on the Stanley Fish article in today’s NYT: http://fish.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/18/the-last-professor/

Ringing so loud to me is of course, the reference to Art History and the lifetime effect of Faison-Pierson-Stoddard.

Without meaning to take away from the Winter Study discussions, I commend the article for its’ ‘compare and contrast’ of two purposes of education.

Unlike many of the readers of ephblog, I am not an educator. I am an old ad guy. I would like to read comments from those who regularly write on salaries, tenure, diversity, and the issues basic to the current Tyng Scholarships discussions.

In my opinion, the article provides even more reason for the importance of ‘elite’ colleges and the emphasis on the liberal arts. Yes, David, I even question the teaching of econ 18 in a Williams environment and its’ fit to a view of learning v a tool for business success.

Is Williams the home of the Last Professor or is this view of education
passe in a world of Master’s of the Universe?