We need to list all the Ephs appointed by President Obama. Let’s start with Amy Jeffress ’87.

Amy Jeffress, who has been National Security Section chief in the U.S. Attorney’s Office since 2007, has accepted an offer to join Holder’s staff as his national security adviser if he’s confirmed, according to two sources involved in the transition.

If confirmed, Holder and his staff will have to make a decision whether to order a criminal investigation of Bush administration officials who condoned the use of waterboarding on suspected terrorists. Holder declined to do so at the hearing, when asked by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

“No one is above the law,” Holder said, “and we will follow the evidence, the facts, the law, and let that take us where we should.” But the nominee said he didn’t want to “criminalize policy differences” that might exist between the incoming and outgoing administrations.

Since when does the Attorney General need his own National Security Adviser? Maybe EphBlog needs a National Security Adviser. Anyway, seems that many important topics will cross Jeffress’ desk in the next few years.

Interesting thoughts on the high and low of her career (as of 2006).

Amy Jeffress, 41

Deputy chief of the organized crime and narcotics trafficking section, U.S. Attorney’s Office

High: At the sentencing of a homicidal drug gang, “a mother whose son was killed by mistake — a 17-year-old going off to college who was killed in the middle of a drug beef — was the first to speak. She turned to the defendants and said: ‘I want you all to know I forgive you. I don’t want to keep hating you. I’ve given this to God.’ Her words were incredibly powerful, and I remember them often.”

Low:”I interviewed another mother of a homicide victim, who was shot when he was only 20. She said he had been getting in and out of trouble since the age of 13, and she had given up on him back then. Here I am trying to do justice by her son, and she had stopped caring. It left a pit in my stomach.”

With luck, there are more highs to come.

Note that Jeffress was president of College Council, back in the day when Ephs were Ephs and we did not go for namby-pamby co-presidents. There is hope for you yet, JeffZ!

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