gone-fishing-postersI need a vacation from EphBlog, who is willing to help?

1) There needs to be a new post on EphBlog every day, appearing before 7:00 AM. We have a 1,000+ daily readers and an obligation to give them something about “All Things Eph” each day, as we have been doing for over 5 years. Fortunately, WordPress makes this easy to do since you can edit the time of the post to be in the future, causing it to appear automatically. Most of my morning posts are actually written ahead of time.

2) There is an infinite supply of material. Check out WSO, the Record, our Eph Blogroll and Planet, as well as the various feeds on our main page (all thanks to Ronit). A search on Google News for “Williams College” always produces interesting results. Our archives are an endless source of material worth revisiting. Consider what we were blogging about three years ago this month. Posts do not need to feature the latest news. They just need to be interesting.

3) The last time EphBlog tried to give me a vacation, we failed. Why? I think we have a coordination problem. Lots of people (especially me!) think that this would be a good idea, think that we need less me and more everyone else. But it is tough to plan this all out ahead of time and/or to commit. I have a solution:

If you think that this is a good idea, make one post right now for Feb 1 at 6:00 AM. Then, announce that you have done so in the comments to this post. If you still have some energy, do another post for Feb 2 and then Feb 3. With luck, others will be inspired by your efforts and make posts for later days. Pretty soon, we’ll have a week done and then, perhaps, the entire month. A month without a post from Dave! Wouldn’t that make for an better EphBlog?

4) So, I invite all authors to participate. (And anyone who would like to become an author is welcome to join.) Note that this won’t prevent you from making other, more timely posts throughout the month. Just because we already have one post ready to go at 6:00 AM on Feb 8th does not prevent you from adding another post that day, with breaking news or otherwise.

My prediction: This won’t work. Lots of people say that they want less me and more others but, when they have the chance to contribute to that effort with pre-scheduled posts, their enthusiasm flags.

Prove me wrong!

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