Journalist Steve Coll, in the process of arguing Warren Buffet should give $2 billion to permanently endow the Washington Post newsroom, focuses his disdain on folks who donate to Williams.

It has been very painful to watch papers like the Post offer buyouts to dozens of talented journalists at the height of their powers while shutting overseas bureaus and even entire sections of the paper. Not to pick on any one institution, but, from a constitutional perspective, how did we end up in a society where Williams College has (or had, before September) an endowment well in excess of one billion dollars, while the Washington Post, a fountainhead of Watergate and so much other skeptical and investigative reporting critical to the republic’s health, is in jeopardyà [sic] … I’m sure that Williams-generated nostalgia in the emotional lives of wealthy people is hard to overestimate, but still …

Well, that was uncalled for.  Coll graduated from Occidental, no slouch itself in the endowment-per-student department, in 1980.  Speculation as to the role of newsprint-related nostalgia in Coll’s emotional life is welcome in the comments.

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