A posting on November 25, 2008 has had this response well worth your attention and consideration.

January 30th, 2009

I am Debbie Silverman, Williams College Graduate class of 1992 and daughter of Henry Silverman class of 1961.

Before you start trashing my father or anyone else on the EphBlog, you should realize that everyone is entitled to their own personal life. A life that is none of the business of the graduates or students of mine and my father’s alma mater. My father is a good man and has made many contributions to Williams and several other worthy organizations over the years. I will not allow you to smear his good name and hurt his loved ones with your nasty comments.

Shame on you! Has Williams and the tenets that the college upholds taught you nothing?

Debbie Silverman ’92

I have answered as the person with the responsibility to have avoided, what I see as a father and as a Williams man, a great hurt to fellow Williams graduates and their families.

January 30th, 2009

Dear Ms. Silverman,

‘Shame on you’ is exactly the right admonishment for the thoughtlessness and cruelty dealt to your father and your family by this mindless posting at the most human level,

The attempt to justify this posting in terms of news worthiness and in the spirit of “all things Eph” is completely irresponsible.

Please know postings are done by individuals using their own discretion. In this case while I took violent exception to this post, I did not remove it. I am sorry for not having done this and for the hurt it has caused you and your family. I can at this late date only offer you my sincere apology.

Your admonishment serves as a warning to all posters to ephblog that responsibility to the Williams community includes more than rants at perceived wrongs. There is the issue of the personal involvement and feelings of others in this community to be considered.

I was wrong in not removing this post when it was in progress and I sincerely apologize.

Dick Swart 1956

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