Special thanks to Sophmom, Diana and Dick Swart for pre-posting enough material that I can take a vacation knowing that our EphBlog audience (that means you, Dad!) will not be disappointed when they visit us each day. Notes:

1) There is already material posted through mid-February and a credible promise to go to the 20th and even, perhaps, the end of the month. As long as there is daily material, I don’t plan on posting till March. Again, no one is forcing me to do this. I can stop posting about Williams anytime I want. Really. I can. Anyway, I appreciate the efforts of my fellow Eph Bloggers. After 5 years, a month-long vacation is just what I need. And I think that EphBlog itself will be a better, more vibrant community in my absence.

2) I plan to neither post nor comment. If you have a question, e-mail me directly. I have vague plans to not even check the url, but no promises on that.

3) Readers who send tips to me should either e-mail eph _at_ ephblog.com or put a comment in Sophmom’s excellent Speak Up thread.

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