Matt Swanson ’97, who writes the estimable Barnstorming blog (we recommend stopping by regularly for a baby fix), and a few of his friends will be hosting this event at Brooks Rogers on Feb. 9:

Basically, we’re going to have a panel in which we will describe for current students our various routes to lives in the arts, explaining that being an artist sometimes means finding a way to pay the bills by non-artistic means as a way of subsidizing the creative habit. We will then eat dinner with any of them who might enjoy the proposition before returning to the stage for a performance that will include music, literature (variously defined), and images.

Sounds like fun.

By the way, you might note from the poster that “Psych. Prof. / Drummer” Kris Kirby will be there. In case you’ve never seen him in action, here’s his band playing Stacy’s Mom (which is probably the 8th biggest hit Williams can take some credit for, next to West Side Story and half a dozen of Lee Hom Wang’s singles) in a video taken by EphBlog editor Diana Davis:

From this we can conclude that a) they rock and b) absorb all light in their immediate vicinity.

(h/t SophMom)

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