I’m not entirely sure what Claiming Williams was, exactly, but it was definitely well attended. Of the nine events that I was present for, or talked with others about, not one had a small crowd. In fact, the Tim Wise lecture more than overflowed in Mainstage, and I had a hard time finding a seat for another talk.

The event most reminiscent of last year’s events was the Community Forum tonight, with the co-presidents of last year’s College Council as panelists, along with Claiming Williams’s co-chairs and a variety of Williams employees. There was a lot of discussion that echoed the same fault lines from past events, and such discussions will likely continue. Congratulations are also in order for a long, complicated day that was (as far as I could see) without any logistical issues.

Short opinion piece below the fold:

It seems obvious to me that everyone has a long way to go in understanding where other people approach this day from. We all have different baggage and experiences; I noticed myself get defensive in a conversation after dinner, and some of my words from the forum resonated with others in ways I didn’t expect. It is a mistake to dismiss concerns as the result of Political Correctness run amok, and a mistake to dismiss those who don’t understand those concerns as willfully ignorant abusers of privilege.

Where the conversation goes from here, I am not sure, but it is definitely going somewhere.


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