Scott Tamura ’09 and Thai Nguyen ’08 have launched what sounds like a perfect startup for a rather hopeless economy:

Job Site Allows Seekers To Bid On Low Pay

College Grads Create New Web Site

BOSTON — In a sign of just how tough it is to find work in the struggling economy, a group of Boston college grads has created a Web site that allows job seekers to try for positions based on who will work for the lowest salary.

The three local college graduates have launched a site called where people can bid on jobs posted by employers.

The site was created with the vision to create a “student labor yellow pages,” said Thai Nguyen, CEO of


“Jobaphiles is great. Within a few days of getting on the site a comedian hired me to re-do his Web site. I earned enough to cover my student loan payments for a couple of months,” said Ben Brooks, a June Williams College graduate. 

Nguyen, Ben Herila and Scott Tamura founded in August 2008. It is currently targeted at college students and recent grads in the Boston area.

Most job search sites don’t require the potential employee to name their price first. Doing so transfers pricing power away from workers towards employers. I would hope that most employers would realize that picking the ‘lowest bidder’ for any job, even a part-time one, is a good way to ensure that you’ll receive shoddy work product. Assuming that this article is largely a rewrite of a press release (which is what it sounds like), Nguyen might want to rethink his marketing pitch to make it sound a little more hopeful and a little less like we’re stuck in a deflationary death spiral (which we may be, but still).

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