In case folks missed it (the mention was buried deep within another thread) Williams finally added a virtual tour to its admissions homepage .  It is outstanding — I love the way it is organized thematically, with an intense focus on certain areas of campus, and accompanied by student commentary and the interactive map.  The only change I’d make is to add a few more slides: (1) in the classrooms section, definitely add slides on the new academic buildings (I imagine these were completed after the tour was finalized), (2) add a section of slides about Williamstown / campus surroundings, highlighting the natural beauty, skiing, Hopkins Forest, Spring Street (maybe show 1-2 of Images, Tunnel City, Helen’s, Ephorium, Pappa Charlie’s), (3) add a slide to the art section about MassMoca (realize it is five minutes away, but such a great asset, and can emphasize the role of Williams and its alumni in founding the institution, mention the new Lewitt exhibit, etc.).  Otherwise, looks great!

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