One of the rarer dispositions among 18 to 21 year-olds and beyond is moderateness on compelling topics. Not apathy, but a considered moderateness.

I enjoyed finding an example of this kind of thought in the WSO discussion on Claiming Williams. Matthew Lincoln ’09 writes:

Reading through it, I was surprised to find that almost none of the dozens of posters there expressed the conflicted view that I found myself taking – I felt for Shayla’s frustration at the same time that I felt no small indignation at some of the gross generalizations being made about the “rich white crowd”.

[. . .]

Dan, I was hearing shades of that either/or tone during the final forum on CW in Paresky when Kim Dacres sort of shot down your very reasonable observation that some of your friends felt, rightly or wrongly, alienated by the language surrounding the whole day. I’m really glad you brought up that point, just as I sympathized when Kim said she almost didn’t want to be at a place where some students didn’t even bother to come to the table. Does it sound weird to somehow think both of those things at the same time? I regret that the panel didn’t seem willing to dig into it much.

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