and I hope everyone is, this, which Steve would have projected on the wall and a genially smiling Faison might have simply written under it ‘Compare and Contrast – 30 minutes’.

I invite Lawrence Hall regulars to recall the challenge and readers from other disciplines to savour the flavour

Sign the Honor Statement.

(Hint: this am’s NYT for left side image)

Oh. alright:

The pattern of possible simultaneous attacks by terrorists in Mumbai and Kabul in a technique described as “swarming” is an interesting counter point to Ellsworth Kelley’s study of shadows descending a staircase presented as simultaneous and, of course, the reference to Duchamp’s famous although not particularly erotic nude descending some other staircase all at once or at least left to right.

In either case, the point is made of the confounding of the powers that be, whether security or art establishment.

And were Ellsworth and Emmett Kelley separated at birth?

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